Our story

We at Lek Veterina d.o.o. are a company with a colourful and long tradition that has led us among the top leading producers of mineral and vitamin mixtures in Slovenia and Europe. Traditional relationship with a pharmaceutical company created the foundation for a quality production which has been added the care for food production of safe and healthy animal food thus a safe and healthy food for people. The quality, knowledge and integrity are our key values ensuring a successful cooperation with our business partners.

The experienced team of experts in the field of pet food made up of nutritionists, veterinarians and technologists have put their knowledge to the field of dog food and have launched its own trademark of dry dog food DINO® with premium excellence. When preparing the recipes we have been guided by the actual and leading scientific researches and experts’ recommendations. We believe that by choosing the best quality raw materials that are well digested by the dogs and doesn’t trigger allergies, we have come up with a perfectly balanced meal for the daily diet of your four-legged friend.

We have to be aware that by choosing and buying a certain type of food, we greatly influence the health and life of our pets. Test results and the market experience provide ensure that DINO® dog food is an ideal and tasty meal for your dog, taking care of his most essential life functions thus taking care for the health of his whole organism.

Why choosing Dino dog food for your pet?

    • It represents a perfectly balanced meal and contains all nutrients needed for a healthy and appropriate development of your pet.
    • The variety of products includes all dogs’ age groups (a little bit for every dog).
    • The food is only made of the best ingredients, chosen under strict criteria.
    • It doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial colours or aromas.
    • The products’ recipes’ are double-checked and efficient.
    • It is available at a favourable price.
    • After only a month of feeding your dog with DINO® premium dog food you will be greatly satisfied with your pet's behaviour and your pet’s appearance.