Dino formula

We believe that by giving your dog DINO® food, you provide him with a balanced and quality meal thus taking care of all of your dog’s essential life functions.

DINO FORMULA® is comprised of:







HEALTHY COAT – Dog’s hair is the most exposed and metabolically most active dog’s organ. Veterinarians can immediately recognize the state of your dog by looking at your dog’s coat. Fatty acids in dog’s hair are the same as those that are actively involved in cell connection, creating a layer between the outer and inner part of the organism. Zinc, Vitamin H and Vitamin B are groups regulating the metabolism and their ideal balance is mounted into Dino food and is seen as a shiny coat and healthy skin of your dog.


GREAT FITNESS – Dogs are great explorers: they like to sniff but also like to taste the objects in their surroundings with their tongue. Due to their explorative nature it is essential that their immune system is always at its peak. Zinc and copper contained in the Dino® food together with Vitamin C and Vitamin E form an immune protection, keeping your dog safe from free radicals and their storage as well as keeping your dog safe from different illness.

PREMIUM TASTE – Dino® food contains only the highest quality ingredients, is well digestible and has high energy value. Dehydrated Dino® granular food are appropriate size to be consumed and leave less plaque and residue in the oral cavity. Regular check-ups at the veterinarian are recommended to all dogs regardless of food they consume.

BALANCED MEAL – A balanced meal is the key to a good health since only the combination of the finest ingredients ensures a healthy development and activity of your dog. Dino® food is perfectly digestible, enables absorption of the nutrients and their distribution into different body organs, excretion of harmful substances on one side and strengthening of the immune system on the other.